Harry Potter fanfiction: For Thine Is The Power by Kalany

This is the "official" site for my Harry Potter fanfiction For Thine Is The Power. Please understand: this is a work in progress, and may be abandoned at any point. It is shaping up to be exceedingly long (it's already well over 50 pages, and growing by the day) and is expected to eventually cover at least a year of story-time. Please be warned when reading updates that I regularly change material all throughout the story; if something doesn't make sense you may need to re-read to find what I changed.

The author's notes provide more information, but here is a brief summary: abusive!Dursleys, Sevitus, superpowered!Harry, good!Draco.

This story begins shortly after Harry's fifth year at Hogwarts. It ignores all canon other than the first 5 books: HBP, DH, interviews, none of that "exists" in this universe. Some information from there (for example, the name of Snape's childhood home) may find its way into this story, but do not expect it to follow that canon in any material way. Furthermore, there are small changes to the canon of the first five books; please see the Author's Note for more information on those.

Brit-pickers are warned that I am American and write in my own language, American English. Again, there's more information in the Author's Note.


This story contains adult themes which may not be appropriate for some readers.

Themes include but are not limited to: physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, abandonment, child abuse, childhood sexual abuse, verbal abuse, mental abuse, rape, mutual non-consentual sex, heterosexual sex, homosexual sex, graphic description of physical trauma, self-injury, depression, suicide, character death.

Phew. After writing all that, I'd like to say: in the end, (almost) everyone will be happy. Including Voldemort. Really.

The Fanfic

New upload timestamps may not indicate new versions! The timestamp updates every time I sync the web files with the masters.

Story versions

The story comes in two major .pdf versions: a print-format version and a version formatted for easy reading on the computer. There is also an html version, but much of the formatting is lost.

The version for reading on the computer: last uploaded 2008-05-06 14:58:47
The print-format version: last uploaded 2008-05-06 14:58:44
The html version.

I have started a "random scene" file in which I keep different versions of scenes, partial scenes, scenes some distance in the future of the current update point, and the like. I will probably eventually create more than one, since I probably won't remove scenes from it when they go in the main fic, but I will list them all here. I try to keep it ordered roughly by time, but I also try to keep scenes that go together near each other. So you are warned: it may not always make sense.
random scenes 1 (PDF | HTML version 2)

The story posts on fanfiction.net now. I have now caught up with myself there, so it will most likely update approximately as often as I finish a new story chapter.

Related Materials and Other Stuff

There is a one-shot which is something of a preview for later events in the story.
The Mirror of Erised [ HTML | Fanfiction.net | Fictionalley (coming soon!) ]

I also have a pdf version of a table for moon risings for 1996, which may help readers follow the timeline of events.

About Me

I'm a statistics student at a west-coast American university, and I write this stuff in my free time. If you want to comment on the story, I'd love to hear from you; my email address is fanfic at the domain this website is hosted on.